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by Vinay Kumar

I am so excited to announce that Neswangy.net is now a WordPress.com/Blogger/HostedZone. I am so excited, in fact, that I’m already planning my next project.

This is huge for a number of reasons. I have noticed that WordPress is the only blog platform that provides user-friendly blogging software. This means that the majority of us who use blogs out there have experienced a great deal of frustration trying to get our blogs to appear on search engines.

It makes it so much easier for people who aren’t technical to find and post blogs on the web. If you’re not a programmer or even a writer, it’s nearly impossible to know what keywords to use, what to write about, and what content is best for which search engine. But since all of us who are blogging out there use WordPress, we don’t have to try to figure this out.

Weve all seen the annoying popup ads on most blogs that ask you to verify your email address to join the site. Well, this popup annoys me even more because it is one of the things that makes it so difficult for people to actually join sites in the first place. I mean, if people are looking for information, they will probably be using some form of search, right? And if they want to find content, they will probably be using search engines.

The best part is that we can actually see what’s happening outside the site itself, which is a real pleasure. It gives us a chance to get some answers on how to make our website feel more like a book store or a book seller. But in the end it doesn’t feel as good as it could be.

I’ve been trying to make a site more like a book store or book seller for about a year. The only two things that ever really interested me were the things that I could put on my site and the way I could get more information about them. You know, I got the idea when I was in the last year of my school internship in my last year. I wanted to make a place that could help people find information that they used to find information in the actual books themselves.

A book store would be nice. I think I’ve made a few more since then. The same way I’ve made a place that serves the same purpose as a bookstore. A book seller though is pretty awesome. It would be amazing if someone could build a site with just the right amount of info and information to allow people to learn about the subject they love and give them an easy, quick way to find it.

A book is a book, and if you love books (or if you like reading about books), you’d be a fool to not enjoy them. But the problem is there are so many books out there that you simply can’t get through all of it and still be functional. The problem is that most of the books you’ll want to read are the ones listed under the covers, and most of those are in paper form.

We love that you can get books in the form of ebook formats, since most of our readers are also book nerds. But there are a lot of ebook formats out there, so most of us want to read paper books, and this site is a perfect one since it also lets you get free ebooks with no download required. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and youll get a free ebook every month.

We are in no way affiliated with NESWANGY.NET, nor do we own it. We just love books, and love free ebooks.

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