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wish that were me

by Vinay Kumar

The reality is that, for the most part, I don’t do those things. I am more of a day at a time person. This usually works out well for me because I have to be at work and school by the time my husband gets home from work. I have to take care of myself first, so when I do get home, I usually grab a quick coffee or a snack, get to my computer, and get to work.

The problem is that in the day to day, we tend to be a lot more selfish than I am. When I have to make dinner, I usually cook it, take it to the table, and then eat it. When I have to get the kids to school, I usually take them with me. When I have to be with my family, I usually make it work.

I’m a firm believer in the old adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” I’m not sure what this means specifically, but I’m not about to let my husband do all the cleaning around the place either.

I’m not sure if it’s selfishness or just laziness, but I find it really hard to put things off. Especially when I feel like I really, really want something to happen.

I’m not sure if this is my fault or not, but I feel like I’m the only one who really doesn’t have any time to myself. I like to read, check out my favorite websites, and play Minecraft. I’m not exactly good at anything else, aside from the occasional movie or video game.

After a while I decided to give myself the time. Im sure I’ll do that eventually. Im going to go and do some time-traveling. At least I hope I will.

Time travel is one of those things where you can do it in an endless loop, and you can even do it while you sleep. I don’t remember exactly when I decided to go into time travel, but I do remember that I had no idea what I was doing in the first place. When I said I would do some time-traveling, I meant I would go back to my own time and live there.

You don’t have to actually go back in time to do this. You can do it in your imagination, which is exactly what Im doing. The point is that you have to go through the normal process of time-traveling. You can only go back in time, but not forward. You can go back in time and kill your father, for example, but if you did that you would probably die in your own time.

We’re going to make sure that we get to the end. The final result of this process is that we can never really go back in time again. We’re going to go back in time to the end of our time, and then make sure that we can go back in time again.

As it turns out, you have to go back in time to the end of your time. You have to go back in time to see the end of your time. You have to go back in time to see the end of your time.

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