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tend past tense

by Vinay Kumar

When you use “tend” as a verb, it means to act. To tend to work, to tend to eat, to tend to sleep, tend to act, to tend to react.

This is the main reason people tend to use tend as a verb for things that are in a past tense.

We tend to say, “I tend to have a pretty good idea when I see a guy in shorts in a bar.” It’s a little bit silly and lazy, but we tend to use it on a fairly regular basis because we tend to think of ourselves as having some sort of inner and physical presence, even if we aren’t physically in a bar.

The tendency to do things in a past tense because we tend to tend to recall those things and recall them in a past tense is one of the things that makes language so powerful, so powerful that we tend to forget that its really just a word we have to learn to use.

There are many common ways to use past tense that people fall into. We tend to use it when we’re telling a story, when we’re describing something in a sentence, when we’re making a point, when we’re making an observation/report, when we’re reporting facts, when we’re making an assertion, when we’re making an analogy, etc.

The past tense is a little bit tricky for me to grasp. After all, what does it actually mean? I’m not sure I even know what past tense is, but it’s a term I’ve heard a lot. It’s simply the past in a way. For the most part, it’s just using the past in a way to mean that the action is over.

You just had to put the past in the past to get the past in.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this site trying to wrap my head around the past tense. I’ve also found the past tense more engaging in our lives, which is a lot more fun for us. I don’t know if you’ve done this before, but I do know that we spend a lot of time trying to wrap our heads around the past tense, and I think we try to keep it a little open.

When you get it to the point where the past is in your present tense, you need to put it in the past tense. It is important to put the past in the past tense to make it more engaging in our lives.

In our lives, the past tense is also very helpful, especially if we are trying to explain something to someone. If we were to say, “Our car broke down. We were driving it for two hours and a car came and picked us up. We were so bored. We called the service for free and told them where we were, they came and took our car for us, and we were so thankful.” I think that would be very boring.

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