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sofary lighting

by Vinay Kumar

So that you can know that a good design does not only take shape in the mind, but in the eyes as well.

The idea behind sofary lighting is to create a mood with the color of the lights. The most basic way is to use soft, warm colors. The other way is to use soft, warm colors in combination with more sharp, hard colors. Sharp colors are the most effective, but they also look the least natural.

Sofary lighting is a great way to create a mood. It also creates a “wow” effect. The effect is the same for light and dark, or any color combination. The difference is that the effect is stronger for light. The effect is more noticeable when the colors are warm.

There is a lot of variation in the colors used for Sofary lighting.

I like to use soft colors for Sofary lighting because they are more natural and easier on the eyes. As a general rule, soft colors are always more natural than sharp colors, but sharp colors can be harder on your eyes, and as a general rule, softer colors that are on the more orange-toned end of the color spectrum are more effective than hard colors that are on the more green-toned end.

The dark-light sky is a little easier to see for Sofary than the bright sky.

Sofary is a system where you light the floor, walls, and ceiling with a combination of soft and dark colors. Soft colors are usually more natural and softer colors tend to be used on the more orange-toned end of the color spectrum, whereas hard colors tend to be used on the more green-toned end of the color spectrum.

The new Sofary system is still in beta. It’s easy to see the advantages of a soft floor and soft walls but the downsides are more obvious in the dark and the dark-sky. The new system is a little more complicated to use because you need to dim down or up the lights for shadows, and you also need to adjust the brightness levels to make sure your room gets a good amount of light and shadow.

The new Sofary system is still in beta and still a work in progress. As a whole, it’s a pretty good idea.

I’ll be honest, I have not yet tried it myself. However, I am a fan of soft surfaces and soft walls in general and I can see the advantages of them. I will definitely give it a try.

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