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by Vinay Kumar

In a world where there is a constant stream of news, it is easy to feel like we are constantly in the middle of something. This is especially true when news happens so quickly that it is impossible to process it. We get news alerts, we listen to news, and we read news. We consume news and we are bombarded. We are bombarded by news. The amount of information we consume in so little of a time is unbelievable.

So, I thought I’d share the news today that loop news has been in Jamaica for a couple of days. The news was brought to us by the well known news producer, and was a joint project between his brother and myself.

I don’t think there are many news stations left, but the fact that a well known news producer has been working on a project in Jamaica for quite some time speaks highly of this news source. It’s nice to see that a news producer is still in business and still producing news.

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