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by Vinay Kumar

I think this article about the covid-19 situation in Las Vegas is a bit of a downer for those of us who have been there. But it’s not just the situation in Vegas, it’s the whole state of New Mexico. This isn’t something that just happens to you and you have no control over it. You might not have been aware of it, and your friends and family might have also been living it.

In fact, it’s not just Las Vegas, it’s the majority of the state of New Mexico. We are now officially in the middle of the worst COVID-19 health crisis in the entire country since the 1918 flu pandemic. We can’t even get a shelter-in-place order in our state, and we can’t even go to a grocery store that sells food to the public.

There’s really no way to do something about this. In fact, we cannot get relief from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. She is currently the most aggressive governor trying to put her stamp on every part of the state and it is getting pretty ridiculous.

It was a little surprising to see the governor of a state that made up the majority of cases in the United States, and that is the hardest hit by COVID-19, not having a vaccine to fight against it, and having the largest homeless population in the country. But if you look at the state’s economy, it is also at the bottom of the list because of all of the social distancing orders. And it seems that the governor doesn’t care.

The governor of Nevada made the announcement after a number of cities, counties, and special districts had already announced their lockdowns. The governor of Nevada is not going to have it any other way: Its better to be safe than sorry.

I want to mention that he didn’t leave me any space to be able to tell that we’re all like that and I think we’ve got to do something about that.

So even during the pandemic, this governor wants to keep Las Vegas open and the only reason he cant is that he doesnt want to get in the way of Vegas casinos. The new covid guidelines mean that the entire state will have to stay closed. And this is not some pandemic thing. This is all about keeping people safe.

But that’s not really the point. As the governor has said to me, he doesn’t want Las Vegas to be affected in any way by the pandemic. At all. It’s just something that he wants to do to make sure that the casinos are still open. So he says that he has to stay in line with the pandemic guidelines because he doesn’t want his state to be impacted.

But there are other things going on here. The governor obviously isn’t worried because he’s staying in line with the pandemic guidelines. He’s just worried that some casinos will close. If they close, that means the casinos will be forced to close their entire resorts. So it’s basically saying, “if you cant close your resort, you can shut down your casino.” So it’s basically saying, “if you cant shut your resort, you can close our entire city.

The last couple of days is just another example. The last couple days of April are a bit of a blur. The most recent video that we’ve seen so far, and it was pretty good. Another couple of days, and the game starts. So that was pretty good.

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