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How To Make A GIF On Twitter?

by Vinay Kumar

The GIF, which is currently taking the Internet by storm, had modest beginnings in 1987. GIFs were initially developed to enable the sharing of an image file while utilizing a minimal amount of storage. Today, GIFs are used to broadcast brief, looping “video” segments online. These responses to posts on social media frequently employ GIFs. They work particularly well for making memes. Want to grow your Tiktok Channel? You can use Tiktokstorm to grow fast.

Twitter is a great platform for expressing your newfound love of GIFs. Twitter is the best location to share a GIF even if the platform’s character restriction is 280. After all, a moving picture can say even more than a still image.

History of GIFs

Short, repetitive animations are nearly synonymous with GIFs today. However, it has its origins in the period before the modern web, when it was employed to display commonplace images. Early in 1986, Steve Wilhite, a programmer with Compuserve, started developing the Graphic Interchange Format.

Wilhite sought to develop a graphic format that could be used across all of the platforms in use at the time. He also worked on developing a format that would have been used in the ecosystem of the time, when network speeds were not very fast. The Lempel-Ziv-Welch, or LZW, compression technology serves as the foundation for the GIF. In May 1987, the GIF format’s initial iteration was finished.

Make your own GIFs

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look online, you just can’t seem to find the perfect GIF for the situation. The fantastic news is that you can quickly and simply make your own looping GIF using your own video clips.

The best location to convert your video file into a smaller, more shareable GIF.

  • Utilize the ‘Add files’ button to add your video file.
  • Select the “gif” image file type.
  • After clicking “Convert now,” your GIF will be available for download in a little while.
  • As soon as your file has been downloaded, visit Twitter and use the media option to upload the GIF there, just like you would an image.
  • You may proceed now.

Go to GIPHY’s website

One of the most significant GIF platforms in the world is Giphy. Millions of GIFs are available for sharing. By category, popularity, or using the search feature, look for fresh GIFs.

It’s time to publish your perfect GIFs on Twitter once you’ve decided which ones to use.

Any GIF on or in the GIPHY mobile app has a link that you can copy and paste at the end of your tweet. Once your tweet is published, your GIF will begin to play on Twitter.

Be aware that you can post a GIF directly to Twitter from your desktop:

  • Prior to sharing the GIF, confirm that the device you are using is logged into your Twitter account.
  • To view the GIF detail page, click.
  • On the right side of the page, click the Share icon.
  • Type your caption into the Twitter symbol.
  • When you click Tweet, your GIF will immediately post!

Find existing GIFs and use them

A pre-existing GIF can be quickly and easily added to Twitter. You can either go to an outside website and save the GIF for upload or you can directly pull GIFs from Twitter’s GIF repository.

The GIF library on Twitter: Open and create a new tweet. Click the GIF icon to search for and insert a GIF from the GIF library on Twitter.

GIPHY library: Millions of fully prepared pre-made GIFs can be found on GIPHY. By category, frequency, or using the search tool, choose your new favorite GIF and save it to your computer by right-clicking the moving picture and choosing Save.

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