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How to get someone to call you back?

by Vinay Kumar

It’s amazing that anyone in business still uses the phone nowadays given the prevalence of instant messaging, texting, and email. With fewer efforts thanks to the business jargon these technologies have produced, we can accomplish more.

A phone conversation is generally necessary when making important decisions, such as allocating freelance work, hiring someone, or finalizing a deal. Mixx can help you to grow your Instagram platform to reach more. If you want to connect with people, you might be willing to make crucial calls, but what happens if no one picks up? You made an effort and are now hoping for a call in return. Worry no more. Here are some pointers for getting a guy to give you a call.

Best Ideas To Get Someone To Call You Back

If you’re someone who’s trying to get in touch with someone but they’re not returning your calls, a little persistence and creativity can go a long way. Here are some tips to help you track down the person you need to talk to:

1. Be Persistent

The first thing that many people do when they want to get in touch with someone is send them an email or text message. However, if you’re looking for a person who is hard to reach by phone, this may not be the best approach. Instead, try calling the number listed on their website or in their LinkedIn profile. If you don’t get an answer there, then try calling their former colleagues or other contacts who might know how to contact them as well as sending an email follow-up after a week.

2. Remove the blame from them

It’s a good idea to let a prospect know that it’s okay to say no in a voicemail or email.

Say something like: “It’s fine if you decide to use a different product. Just let me know so I don’t start pestering you with questions. They’ll either call you back and say, “Yes, we’ve picked someone else,” or they’ll say, “No, we haven’t made a decision yet,” and then they’ll apologize for taking so long to get back to you.

3. Mail yourself a note

After your initial sales call or presentation, sending a handwritten letter will significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a callback. Why? Because a handwritten note makes you seem more likable, improves the prospect’s opinion of you, and motivates them to answer your calls.

4. Set them on drip automatically

Put the prospect on auto-drip and send them engaging and valuable content (not just adverts) once a month or once every three months if you’ve tried all you can think of but still aren’t able to connect with them. This will help them remember you when it comes time for them to decide or start looking for a supplier.

5. Ascertain their well-being

This is a great suggestion from Engage client Michael Freer, who utilizes it in both voice and email to get clients who have unpredictably stopped responding to him to respond. This really straightforward strategy succeeds because it’s unique and enjoyable. When we tried it, contacts who had previously been silent responded almost immediately. Many of them began by apologizing and explaining that they had been swamped with work before going into great detail about why they were still interested.

Final Words

Unfortunately, it’s essentially impossible to get someone to call you back if they don’t want to. However, there are a few techniques that can be used to your advantage. The key is the try and makes them feel obligated. It’s a simple formula. If you can make them feel like returning your call is better for them than irritation or annoyance, which of course it would be, then you’ve already got half of the battle won by default. 

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