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How to adjust clips on TikTok?

by Vinay Kumar

Is any content in the video that you don’t have to post to Tik Tok? Or do you want to share incredible Tik Tok movies on other social media platforms but these platforms only allow you to upload and share films up to a certain length?

You might then question how to modify the length of a TikTok clip or how to edit a TikTok video for sharing. Want to enlarge your social media marketing like Tiktok? You can take help from Jaynike

With the help of the built-in trimmer on TikTok, you may edit the movies and change the clip length as needed. You can get some assistance with that from outside editors. This post will demonstrate how to simply trim your TikTok movies so that you can change the clip length as desired.

How to Adjust the TikTok Clip Length?

TikTok has changed the “Adjust Clips” option with the “Studio” option. Before we show you how to alter clip lengths on TikTok, we wanted to make this clear. While more people claim to have the latter, forums show that some users either never received the Studio option or had their “Adjust Clips” settings restored. Whichever of these two options you have open to you, altering the clips is essentially the same. In this example, we’ll use the more recent Studio option.

  1. Click “Studio” on the left side of your screen when you are in the TikTok draft that you want to edit.
  2. After that, an editing window containing clips arranged on a track will show up. Until you find the clip you want to change the length for, you can browse left or right.
  3. Click once to choose the clip you want to modify after finding it.
  4. After that, adjust the sliders on either end of the clip to the appropriate length.
  5. And that’s all! You can now continue editing your TikTok video after adjusting the clip’s duration.

Employ two fingers to zoom in if you’re having problems choosing a clip because it looks so small on the timeline; this will make the clips appear larger and make them easier to select.

How to Adjust the Crossclip’s Clip Length?

Cross clip is an easy way to repurpose your films by turning them into TikToks and other short-form material if you have content that is currently available on Twitch or YouTube. Learn how to use Crossclip to modify the video clip length for TikTok in the following paragraphs.

  1. Log into your account at Crossclip using a web browser or mobile app.
  2. On your screen, click “Create Clip” in the top right corner.
  3. A popup will appear asking you to enter the URL for your YouTube or Twitch video. In the bottom section, you can post your own video as well. An estimated upload time will appear on your screen as your footage starts to load.
  4. After your clip has been uploaded, modify your input so that your Camera and Content windows reflect the desired viewpoints, as seen in the Output preview to the right.
  5. To change the clip’s length, simply move the yellow slider in either direction.
  6. After you’ve finished making all the required edits, click “Compile,” and your updated video will be sent to you right away.

As you can see, modifying the clip lengths for your TikTok films is rather simple whether you’re editing from within TikTok or using a third-party program like Crossclip. Try it out and report back to us on your experience.

Final Thoughts

When you first start using TikTok, you’ll likely need to adjust your clips to get them where you want them. It’s actually a very simple process just make sure that you get to know your master screen before editing anything else.

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