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Drinking habits, you should always avoid

by Ethan More

From enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, meeting mates for a beer to watch a football game, or toasting champagne at a friend’s party, alcohol is synonymous with life events small and large. It can often be enjoyed responsibly but there are times when alcohol isn’t always our friend. I’m sure many of us have cried “I swear I’m never drinking again” while lying in bed with a hangover from hell. So where can we strike the balance? Here are some common drinking habits you should always avoid.

Drinking on an empty stomach

Probably one of the first pieces of advice given to you when you became of legal drinking age, but boy can it catch people out. The term ‘soakage’ gets thrown around a bit but there’s actually merit to this. Drinking on an empty stomach means your body rapidly absorbs the alcohol and as you continue to drink, it doesn’t have a chance to break the alcohol down. A quick rise in your blood alcohol levels is followed suit by intoxication. This can often happen early in the night and affects everyone’s fun. Ignore the term ‘eating is cheating’ – instead EAT, drink and be merry in a responsible way that doesn’t ruin your night. 

Ignoring water

When things go awry on nights out, the first thing everyone reaches for is water. Getting into the habit of doing this before it’s crucially needed is key! The main cause of that pulsing headache the day after a drinking sesh is good old dehydration. Hmmm. wonder what would help with that? Guzzling water before bed is one thing, but it’s far more effective if you drink water in between alcoholic drinks. This not only keeps you continually hydrated but also gives your body a little respite in between sips so it can break down the alcohol content.

Forgetting about non-alcoholic options

Some people don’t love the taste of water in between beers, we get it, but don’t forget there are plenty of delicious alternatives out there now. With the amazing selection of non-alc options available in places like Sessions Liquor stores, swap a beer for a non-alc every second round and you won’t even taste the difference!

For people cutting down on alcohol, there’s often this stigma felt where some think “I don’t want people to ask why I’m not drinking”. While nowadays, being alcohol-free is getting more socially recognized, people can still be annoying! With non-alcoholic drinks now coming in the form of gin, vodka, beers, and wine, you can still feel like you’re enjoying your favourite tipple without people questioning you, and without the dustiness the next day! 

Eating salty snacks while drinking

While we are big fans of eating before drinking – what you eat is another factor to consider. Eating salty snacks while drinking can leave you feeling thirsty and also temporality alter your taste buds, so not only are you drinking faster to quench your thirst, but you’ll be enjoying it more too. The enjoyment part may sound fun, but this fast pace of drinking can quickly lead to you being drunk, bloated and uncomfortable – not so fun. If snacking before a night out, opt for foods rich in protein or starch that help you feel full such as eggs, bananas, oats or chicken.

Binge drinking

Another one you may have been warned about (and ignored) when you first started drinking. Binge drinking is when a person drinks far too much alcohol in one straight sitting, or continuously over a few days or even weeks. This comes down to educating yourself on your limits, and what a ‘standard’ drink really is. According to health guidelines, a person shouldn’t consume more than four standard drinks in one session and ten standard drinks a week. This can also vary depending on your gender and stature. However, if you only had one drink on Tuesday night it doesn’t give you a free pass to drink the remaining nine on Friday night – remember, moderation and consistency are key.

Bowing to peer pressure

We touched on this earlier with the whole ‘people will ask why I’m not drinking’ thing, but peer pressure is something that isn’t just felt in our teenage years. Depending on the setting or even cultural influences, there will often be times when other people may strongly encourage you to drink when you planned not to. The normalization of going alcohol-free is on the up, so stand firm and know that you can enjoy socializing with a non-alc option if you choose to.

Want to start drinking more responsibly? Sessions liquor store has an array of low and non-alcoholic options so you can enjoy a beer without a headache the next day! Visit Sessions or chat to team instore at one of their stores in Brunswick or Sandringham.

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