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by Vinay Kumar

It’s not surprising that people who make too much money in the stock market are often extremely insecure and self-conscious. Like when they look at their stock portfolio, they can feel like they have nothing to lose. However, this same mindset can drive entrepreneurs and investors crazy.

In his new book, “The Four Hour Workweek: Productivity Lessons from the Last 50 Years,” author and futurist Dan Ariely writes about the concept of “The Small-Stock-Price Effect.” Essentially, small-stock-price investors, by being so successful, have made it hard to sell their stocks to larger investors.

The difference between small-stock-price investors and large-stock-price investors is this: Most large-stock-price investors will sell when the stock price falls to about 2 percent or lower. That’s why many small-stock-price investors have no problem taking a loss when they buy their stocks a few years later.

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