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by Vinay Kumar

I am a professional financial journalist and a contributor for Forbes. I have been involved in the financial industry since 1999, with a focus on consumer confidence and credit. I have a BA with an MA in economics from the University of Southern California, and a certificate in banking from UCLA. I’ve lived in California, New York, and Connecticut. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Andrea, for 14 years.

I have a net worth of over $750,000.00. I started my financial career in my 20s, and I managed to make my first million in my 30s. The last six of those six million is the one I couldnt cash. In my 30s I had my first serious relationship, and I was able to find happiness for a few years, before I had a baby. I had several marriages before I had my first divorce, which was hard to endure.

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