Applying For A Part-Time Job As An Undergrad

Attending universities can be a hassle, especially if you are experiencing financial dilemmas. As a student, you might think that you would be ineligible to apply for a job since, in the employers’ eyes, you have no experience and skills. But, this is quite the contrary. You can apply for part-time jobs that do not strictly require the need for experience. 

The basic things you need for these types of jobs are a concise cover letter, a well-thought-of CV, and confident interview skills. Your cover letter must explain the context of your current situation. Moreover, the resume design must be direct yet constructive about your skills. Confidence and consistency are vital skillsets to have during an interview. Read more to discover what other skills you need for a job and explore the viable job choices for an undergraduate.

Preparation for the Application

Before preparing your CV and letter, you must consider and find the most suitable part-time job. Assess your situation. Take into account all possible factors that could affect your job and education. Ensure that you can manage the time and work you will exert. Here are potential part-time jobs you could apply for as a student:

  • Online Tutor – You could spend your time working and studying as one with this job. The benefit of this work is that you could review things you have learned before by teaching them to younger students. Relaying a vast amount of information could also sharpen your communication skills.
  • Pet-sitting or Baby-sitting – These jobs require your full participation and dedication. Your patience and awareness skills would be tested when caring for pets or a baby. It is by no means an easy task to accomplish as there are a variety of needs and orders you would need to remember.
  • Barista – One of the most famous and sought part-time jobs nowadays is being a barista in a coffee shop. As cafes become prominent, the demand for baristas also increases. You could also benefit from becoming one since being an undergraduate requires a ton of coffee for studying.
  • Internship – You could apply for a paid internship depending on your college course. This greatly enhances your skills relevant to your college program while getting a salary. You could also get scouted and hired into real stable jobs by a big company through internships.

To-do-list for a Successful Application

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can start preparing your cover letter, CV, and yourself. Evaluate your current skills and capabilities that can benefit or is relevant to your chosen part-time job. Showcase this in your resume and ensure it is catered to the job. 

  1. Cover Letter – This should display the context of your situation and story. Discuss why you wish to apply for a job.
  2. Resume – Present your description, characteristics, skills, education, and extracurricular activities here. Focus on what you can bring to the table while mentioning why you need to be chosen for the job.
  3. Interview – Be enthusiastic, optimistic, and confident. Ensure that your story stays consistent from your letter and resume to your interview. Prepare and practice for possible questions that you might face. During the interview, you can ask relevant and intelligent questions which could leave a mark on the employer.


Being a working student is not easy. Balancing your time and work for your job and classes is tedious and hassle. The most challenging portion of working part-time is either during the application period or when you are trying to maintain stability between work and college. You must have the right mentality and concentration to succeed in both workspaces. The result blossoming from all this hard work would be sweet and worth it.

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